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Report Results

cnspec supports different ways of reporting scan results. You can generate a JSON report or view and print results in the Mondoo Console.

Create a JSON report from the command line

To save the results of your scan to a JSON file, append your scan command with the -o flag:

-o json > FILENAME.json

For FILENAME, substitute the name you want to give the file. For example, this scans a Kubernetes cluster and reports the results to a file named k8s-test-results.json:

cnspec scan k8s -o json > k8s-test-results.json

View and print results in the Mondoo Console

When cnspec completes a scan, it provides a link to the Mondoo Console, where you can view graphical results.


You must register cnspec to see results in the Mondoo Console. To learn how, read Log into Mondoo Platform for More Capabilities.

Results in the Mondoo Console

To open printer-friendly results in a new browser tab, select the print icon near the top-right corner of the Mondoo Console.